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Explosive Karate Online Course – 2nd Class opens soon

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Know who will be teaching you...

Pedro Candeias is the Co-Founder and Scientific Studies’ Coordinator Karate Science Academy. A project 100% dedicated to create contents based on the most prestigious and high-quality scientific sources for Karate. KSA have more than 60.000 followers throw social media and its articles reach thousands of Karatekas worldwide. He practices Karate for 24 years and it’s an Instructor for 17 years, running a school that has more than 250 Karatekas.


Explosive Karate is a 100% online course, a step-by-step that will help you to make your Karatekas faster, stronger and more powerful, no matter if they are traditional or sports athletes.

It was created for those Karatekas who seek reliable and proven knowledge about Karate and want to constantly improve their skills and performance.

Explosive Karate opens only a few places a year because we want to delivery great support for the Karatekas who join us. Register on the top of this page so you can grab the opportunity next time the course opens.

Explosive Karate is a course that you can study and re-study as many times you want, at your own speed, at the time you want, from anywhere in the world that as an internet connection.

And why is Explosive Karate online and not presential?

This was a strategic decision because we believe in the power of the digital world. And what do we mean by that?

That we believe that you are able to have much more results when you can focus on your goal.

So just imagine…

If you did not need to get traffic to go to a course…

… or pay for a plane ticket …

… pay for an hotel …

Just imagine the possibility of study and search throw the content anytime you want, in the place that you like…

Just imagine if you can start the course in the day and time you wanted… in the place you wanted… whitout leaving home.

Imagine if you could take a course in witch the course suits you and you to the course.

That’s why Explosive Karate is online. For you to have control of how, when, and where you consume the content.

No! Our main goal always has been to connect scientific research and all Karatekas in the world. So you will find simple and practical knowledge that you will understand and apply in your training.

Doubts can be answered by sending an email to

We do not have a forecast of when the next Explosive Karate class will happen, but if you´re interested in joining the waiting list, register on the top of this page.

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