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How can I improve my beginner students’ Speed and Strength?

What’s the best method to increase the Speed and Power of my Top Athletes?

How can I make my Karatekas move more Explosively from Static Stances?

Which are the best and scientifically proven Training Guidelines to develop Muscle Power?

Why is it so important to find the right Intensity for each Type of Strength?

How can I identify if an exercise is the correct one to use in my Dojo?

Are there any differences between Kata and Kumite Speed and Strength Training?

Should my Sports Karate Athletes train in the Gym? And what about my Non-Sports Karatekas?

How will I get time to develop a well-designed and effective Karate Training Program to Speed and Power?

Meet Pedro Candeias, a Sensei who found the answers to Karate Training biggest challenges

Now you can do it too!

Pedro Candeias is 36 years old Sensei that practices Karate for 24 years and it’s an Instructor for about 17 years, actually, he runs a school that has more than 250 Karatekas. He’s also one of the Founders and the Scientific Studies’ Coordinator of Karate Science Academy.

“Years ago, I used to plan my Karate classes by observing what my and other Masters did… Those methods had several positive things but I faced some problems to significantly increase Speed, Strength, and Power of my Karatekas!

Fundamental movements like fast transitions in Kata and Kumite, greater Kime in the Techniques or making his highly-flexible Students kicking not only higher but also faster and with more power…

Just asking them to make the movements faster and repeating them thousands of times wasn’t being an effective solution!

So, I had to find answers to those challenges and found them in Independent Scientific Research…”

Karate Science Academy is a project 100% dedicated to creating contents based on the most prestigious and high-quality scientific sources in sports science. We are now followed by more than 60.000 people, including some of the best Karate athletes of WKF. Our articles reach and help to improve thousands of Karatekas worldwide. 

What is Explosive Karate Course about?

Explosive Karate is a 100% Online Course, a step-by-step program that will help you making your Karatekas Faster, Stronger and More Powerful, no matter if they are Traditional Students or Sports Athletes.

It was created for those Karatekas who seek reliable and proven knowledge about Karate and want to constantly improve their skills and performance, in a motivating and safe way.

How this course works and what you'll have access?

100% Online | Access to a virtual platform where you can study as many times as you want, at your own pace, whenever you want.
24/7 | You will have access to the course 24h a day, and you can do it according to your own routine and availability.
Instant access | Your access to the virtual platform is released after payment confirmation.
Written modules with references, video and pictures.
Audio files | You will have access to audio files from the written modules.
Certificate of completion | At the end of the course, you'll receive it in PDF format ready to print.
Download of Contents | This include audio files and pdf, so you can listen and read even without an internet connection.
8 Training Methods that will teach you all you have to know to develop the several Types of Strength
+10 Solutions for the Biggest Problems you face in Kata and Kumite
Members Group | Exclusive access to the Facebook Members group where you can meet and interact with other dedicated Karatekas.

Find out if this course is for you?

Who Explosive Karate is not for?

  • Those who are just looking for superficial “Tips” about Karate Training…
  • Senseis who think what they know it’s enough…
  • Karate Masters that think Karate should be as it was 100 years ago…
  • Demotivated Instructors that are not willing to give the best to their Students…

Who Explosive Karate is for?

  • For those who want to make their Karatekas Faster and Stronger…
  • For those who seek Proven Training Methods…
  • For Sports Karate Coaches that want to take their Athletes up to the Top…
  • For Instructors that want to save time Planning their Training Sessions…
  • For Traditional Senseis that want to link Innovation & Tradition…
  • For those that feel lost in the chaos of information…
"As a Karate Instructor I've always tried to develop my students' skills and it's very clear for me that I need to learn every day so I can reach that goal. This program allowed me to find a platform that, from a scientific perspective, brings together, organizes, and explains the best training methods for Karate. Therefore, if you want to take your students to a higher level and want to do it in a planned, effective, and safe way, this is what you're looking for!"
Oscar Vázquez Casas
Sensei from Spain

You’ll also have access to this


The total value of this bonus costs €99.90… but today it will be FREE for you!


5-Week Training Program

You’ll be able to grab that 100% Scientific-based Training Program and use it immediately with your Athletes and Students. 


+200 Video Exercises

Yes, you read it right! +200 Videos with exercises that you can easily perform with your regular students and athletes.


Muscle Mass Gain Hackings

Your Karatekas’ Strength will be greater if they develop greater Muscle Mass. We’ve gathered some of the best Scientific Proven Hackings that almost no one is using but that makes a huge difference in muscle gains.


Training Equipment List to use in your Dojo

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember or even know what types of equipment we can use in the Dojo to develop the Speed, Strength, and Muscle Power. We made that work for you and you’ll be able to see several ideas in the videos included in the modules, as well as how to use them during the different sessions of the 5-Week Training Program.


Kumite Skills Booster

Being fast in Kumite (Sports Kumite, Full-Contact Kumite or Self-Defense Kumite) is not only dependent on Neuromuscular Factors. It’s highly influenced by cognitive factors like Perception, Decision-Making, Timing, Reaction… This eBook will include scientific backed knowledge to make you aware of this fundamental part of Speed Training.


Scientific Foundations of all the Knowledge

We are true believers that we really have to raise our standards of Scientific Knowledge to be at the level of other highly professional activities as Football, Tennis, Track & Field or Gymnastics. No matter, if we have or haven’t Sports Karatekas (all your students deserve the best!).

In this bonus, you’ll be able to understand, dominate and explain all the fundamental concepts behind every Training Method included in the 5-Week Training Program.

Only 100 seats available

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+200 easy-to-follow exercises to use tomorrow in your Dojo

Exercises that you can apply in your Dojo with every type of student. Specific exercises that will strengthen your students/athletes’ body so they can develop their Karate Speed & Power.

Is it possible to become an Expert in Karate’s Speed and Strength Training without spending thousands of dollars in College Education or reading dozens of complex books?

Yes! Definitely.

Stay calm, the risk is all on our side!

If for any reason you don´t like the course, we insist that you get 100% your money back. It’s simple, you’ll have 7 days to digest, and integrate Explosive Karate knowledge into your daily karate life. If it don’t help you improve your work, just email us and without any questions, we’ll give all your money back.

You still have any doubt?

We have separated some of the main questions you may have about the Explosive Karate.

Explosive Karate is a 100% Online Course, a step-by-step programa that will help you to make your Karatekas Faster, Stronger and More Powerful

, no matter if they are Traditional students or Sports athletes.

It was created for those Karatekas who seek reliable and proven knowledge about Karate and want to constantly improve their skills and performance.

Explosive Karate we’ll have only 100 places, because we want to deliver great support for the Karatekas who join us. 

Explosive Karate is a course that you can study and re-study as many times you want, at your own pace, whenever you want, from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection.

And why is Explosive Karate online and not presential?

This was a strategic decision because we believe in the power of the digital world. And what do we mean by that?

That we believe  you are able to have much more results when you can focus on your goal.

So just imagine…

If you did not need to get traffic to go to a course…

… or pay for a plane ticket …

… pay for an hotel …

Just imagine the possibility of studying and searching through the content, anytime you want, in the place you like…

Just imagine if you could start the course in the day and time you wanted… in the place you wanted… without leaving home.

Imagine if you could take a course in which the course suits you and you to the course.

That’s why Explosive Karate is online. For you to having the control of how, when, and where you consume the content.

No! Explosive Karate was created exactly to take Scientific Research to every Sensei, no matter the educational degree. As long as you really want to learn, you’ll grow as a Professional with Explosive Karate.

No! Our main goal has always been to connect scientific research and all Karatekas in the world. So you will find simple and practical knowledge that you will understand apply in your training.

Science doesn’t know the difference between Modern and Traditional Karate! Human Movement is Human Movement… If you have students who train Karate for self-development, health, self-defense or leisure you will receive great knowledge that will help them to become Faster, Stronger and more Powerful, in a safe and motivating way. 

Doubts can be answered by sending an email to

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